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We now have Custom Printed Event Tickets & Full Sized Movie Theatre One-Sheet Style Posters Available you can have printed through our print partner of Florida Publishers Travel & Entertainment Guides!

Giant 27 Inch X 40 Inch Movie Theater One Sheet Custom Printed Artist & Event Promotinal Posters & Full Color Bar Coded Event Or Venue Tickets Are Now Available!

Custom One-Sheet Posters Available In 27"x40", 24"x36" and 20 Inches x 30 Inches allowing you large color posters at great prices!

Where The World Comes To Record, Learn Why Thousands Choose Planet AV Studios!

Welcome to Planet AV, We are committed to audio visual solutions for the entire Planet Earth from the smallest single user to the largest multi-media need professional requirements. 

We have many great solutions for all types of users from the single smallest user on the most limited budget all the way to the full Audio, Visual Multi Media presentation or A.V. presence needs of major corporations.

Not only can you put it on tape or digital medium for distribution. We can now also help you with all printed event support materials as well including full color custom printed sequentially numbered tickets and full sized professional One-Sheet Movie House Style Color Posters available in quantities from 1 individual poster to 5000 or more copies depending upon your promotional distribution needs!

We will not spend a whole lot of time here trying to sell you on our Studio Facilities as they are already fairly famous in their own rights. The purpose of this site will be more to reach out to the smaller or up-and-coming user who may not have acquainted themselves with the multitude of services available within the PlanetAV Studios Network and you are perhaps working your way up to the need for full professional services available within our facilities.

For your complete presentation requirements, you can place it in our hands and our full service professional staffing International alliance network will consistently produce top quality convincing and marketable results for almost any multi-media requirements.

Some Of The Best Facilites On The Planet Earth Have Now Gone Global!

Our new exciting developmental avenue for Planet AV is we are also now looking forward to using our vast network to aid the smallest multi-media producer with a well stocked resource for tons of free downloadable content and open source multi media applications and soft solutions to offer the smallest home user an invaluable avenue into economically producing your own home media presentation solutions from Slideshows, Audio CD Home Studio Multi-Track Recording Software all the way up to fairly elaborate video editing software suites for the Do-It-Yourselfer to enjoy fairly professional results at bargain and in many cases no charge if you are willing to do much of the work yourself for everyone to enjoy.

We hear all the time that we seem to have the secret recipe for producing great sounding hit songs time after time for our Artist that we produce. We have a great little demo song below that has become most popular on our site here within Planet AV Studios. We now have it up on our site so you can listen for yourself wherever in the World you may be and we think you will agree too !

You can click the player below and enjoy a little sample of some of the great music and audio material that comes off the reels here within Planet AV Studios Facilities.

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This is one of many reasons why we named this multi faceted media solution site because we try and have something to improve almost everyone's life on the Planet Earth !  

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